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Product Detail
GALX-91000 Polyetheramine

GALX-91000 Polyetheramine

Product Code GALX-91000
Catalog Raw Material
Specification Polyetheramine
Key Performance similar to FL-1000
Usage gasoline detergent
Packing 195kgs/drum
Product Details


GALX-91000 polyetheramine is a gasoline detergent similar to FL-1000 from Huntsman in the UnitedStates, which is a Polyether monoamine with pure Polyether monoamine and high hydrophobicity. Its molecular weight is about 1000and its density is 1.01 g/cm3 at room temperature.

Physical and chemicalparameters

Appearance                               Colorless orlight yellow liquid

Acetylvalue(mmol/g)                        0.95-1.11

Primaryamine content(%)                    97min

Aminevalue(mmol/g)                        0.91-1.08

Moisture(%)                                0.10max


Becauseof its high hydrophobicity, GALX-91000 is especially suitable for the use in middleand high grade lubricants, fuel oils and finished oils as detergent anddispersant. It is also suitable for oily or solvent-based inks and coatings.When used as dispersant, its terminal amino group has more reactivity thanethanol, and it is liquid at room temperature.

Safety performance andtoxicity

GALX-91000terminal amino polyether has oral toxicity,and irritantto the skin and eyes. When loading and unloading GALX-91000, the face should becovered with a protective mask, and the skin should be washed with soap andwater in time if contacting.

Packaging and storage

Packedin 195Kg iron drum, kept in dark, cool and dry warehouse, its shelf life is oneyear.

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